We are building a new platform for international and local projects. Our goal is to build large-scale projects on the new platform for Freelancer. Whatever  their ability , follow the news and projects as a member of the platform. You can join us at a time when you are ready. 

We do not expect them to be fully operational from friends who are active this platform. You take part in a project that is enough for the success of our project.

 So, why do we build this platform about Freelancer ? Recently, unemployment are increasing because of the internal policies. In our country, According to social consciousness, work Freelancer is evaluated as a part-time job. In addition, people know that people  insured in a full time work is more secure.
Ferelan of the study is not to be preferred by the people because they are working individual. In this platform working  to be a team is lots of advantage in Freelancer.Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s join us and we answer your questions…

For join us for sign up click this link ; http://www.megapolnet.com/oxwall/


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